Thursday morning smiles

Today, Calgarians are waking up to 2 cm of light, fluffy snow on their driveways. I had forgotten what it was like to use a snow shovel. 

Forecasts are predicting a couple more cm. 

Upper Skogan Pass trails were trackset yesterday. Photo from Jan 2017. 

I’m happy to see 4 cm of snow in the forecast for the Castle Junction area in Banff National Park. It’s not much, but it would be an immense help to the conditions for Sunday’s Lake Louise to Banff loppet. 

The south trails in PLPP were trackset last night including Elk Pass, Blueberry Hill, and Patterson.

The upper Skogan Pass area trails were groomed and trackset yesterday. Lower Skogan is still extremely thin and not recommended for downhill travel. The report also mentions “Skogan Loop is thin on the south facing hill , beautiful snow on the backside.”

Kananaskis Village trails are being groomed as I write this.

If the snow didn’t bring a smile to your face, this video will. “It’s our home; traffic can wait…”

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