View from the couch

West Elk Meadows as viewed from the couch. Photo by MaSid (Click for larger image)

“Mild and magical today in the west elk meadows. Every kind of interesting clouds one can imagine. Including wispy cotton balls wafting and bouncing through the meadows and sticking to mount fox like snowballs.” -MaSid

Mt Shark. Photo by Chuck.

Thanks for all the trip reports! From the photos, it looked like ski heaven out there today. Mt Shark appeared to be the place to ski if you wanted fantastic grooming and tracksetting.

Ungroomed, deep snow has its own beauty as we can see from Barb’s photo of Elk Pass. 

Elk Pass. Photo by Skier Barb

Good catch by Steve Riggs regarding the Ribbon Creek Live Grooming Report. When I log into the Live Grooming Reports, I look for bright green. If I don’t see any, I don’t pursue it. Steve read the report and had a nice ski on groomed/trackset trails around Kananaskis Village. 

Another view from the couch. Photo by MaSid.

Great to hear that Cascade Valley was trackset all the way to Stoney. I haven’t had the pleasure of skiing there this winter, but it sounds like it’s ready for me now. 

Tunnel Mountain in Banff was trackset today. These are remarkably easy trails, so if you are a novice skier, this would be a good place to get some practice.

Tunnel Mountain in Banff. File photo from 2015.

On the Banff winter brochure, it indicates dogs are allowed at Tunnel Mountain. I thought they had changed the rules and disallowed dogs. Maybe someone who goes there can verify. 

According to the Banff brochure, dogs are allowed at Tunnel Mountain.

The Lake Louise trail report indicates they’ve started to get some of the 83 cm groomed and trackset. The Great Divide, Upper & Lower Tramline, Moraine Lake Rd, Townsite, and Bow River Loop were all done today. 

I expect we’ll see some grooming/tracksetting in PLPP tonight. 


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  1. Steve was looking at the text report above the map that indicates trail grooming where he read updated (Jan 4) info.

  2. Where do I find the live grooming report like the one you mentioned above (about Ribbon Creek)?

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