Way-back Wednesday

Jan 21, 2010: Introducing Canada’s xc ski team for the Olympics.

I took the above photo in January 2010 at the introduction of Canada’s xc ski team for the 2010 winter olympics in Vancouver. How many can you name?  

You may remember the 50K classic race where Devon Kershaw missed the podium by less than one second, and was only 1.6 seconds behind the winner. That was after skiing for two hours and five minutes. It was exciting to watch but heartbreaking, too. 

Dasha Gaiazova on Moraine Lake road. Nov 3, 2011.

Dasha Gaiazova and Sara Renner had the best women’s result with a 7th place in the team sprint. 

There was some controversy, too. Brian McKeever was on the team but was never chosen to participate in a race. Brian McKeever’s Disappointment

Dasha Atkins today.

Where are they now?

I had the pleasure of chatting with Dasha Gaiazova (now Atkins) over lattes yesterday and promised to dig out these old photos. Dasha has retired from competitive skiing, settled in Calgary with husband Peter and baby Kristina, and is now helping others become better skiers through her Space Dogs ski club

The names of the olympians in the top photo: George Grey, Brian McKeever, Ivan Babikov, Stefan Kuhn, Devon Kershaw, Madeleine Williams, Sara Renner. Front row: Chandra Crawford, Periane Jones, Dasha Gaiazova. Missing: Alex Harvey.


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  1. Sara Renner and Thomas Grandi now also operate Talus Lodge near the south-east corner of Banff Park. Helicopter access to Talus Lodge stages from Canmore and Mt. Shark Heli-pad.

  2. Madeleine Williams is a judge in Edmonton
    Chandra Chawford runs Fast & Female girl events
    Perianne Jones works with Spirit North out of BC and also works as a Ultrasound extraordinaire

  3. Thank you Bob! Very sweet of you to dig out the old pics from the history books. Thank you for the coffee too! 🙂

  4. George Grey is a nurse in Rossland, BC. A fresh start for Olympian George Grey

    Devon Kershaw: lives in Norway with his wife and child. Devon Kershaw retires after 15 years

    Sara Renner and husband Thomas Grandi operate the Paintbox Lodge in Canmore. Olympic skiers open boutique hotel.

  5. Ivan Babikov is now the Provincial Coach and Development Director with Cross Country Alberta. Members of the Alberta ski team represent the country on the international arenas. And Canada Winter Games in Red Deer are just around the corner.

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