Courageous and undaunted

Three of my older siblings on a big snowbank. It was a cold day in 1950’s Saskatchewan.

Fearless and brave, Jessica, Normand, and Darcy went skiing in today’s extreme cold and submitted trip reports. Thanks!

From Jessica’s report, we learned that the Banff tracksetter was also out in the -28°C on his open snowmobile grooming and tracksetting Goat Creek and Spray River. 

Today’s Live Grooming Report from Ribbon Ctreek/Kananaskis Village indicates…

“Kananaskis Village trails re-groomed and completely trackset. Excellent conditions throughout.”

In Lake Louise, the tracksetters braved the cold to do the following trails: Lake Louise Loop, Peyto, Upper Telemark, Tramline, Bow River loop, Pipestone, Hector, Drummond, Merlin, and Townsite.

Tomorrow(Monday) will still be extremely cold(-25), but Tuesday shows a slight improvement to bitter cold and highs around -17 in the mountains.

Looking at the Weather Network temperature in Canmore as I write this on Sunday at 10:20 pm, it is -33 with a wind chill of -50. 

On the bright side, it should be easy to find a parking spot at the trailheads!

These cold temperatures are pervasive in the SkierBob empire, but on the far reaches of the realm, in Golden, BC, the high tomorrow(Monday) is predicted to be -13 and mostly sunny. 

SkierBob’s humble beginnings. It’s a ’46 Chev.

I grew up in southern Saskatchewan, did chores on the farm in brutally cold weather, and our house had no insulation, no central heating, and no plumbing. It should have hardened me for these conditions but I’ve obviously become soft and spoiled. 

I am overwhelmed at how technology has improved since I was a tyke. My mother would use up a 12-exposure film in her camera about every three months. She had to send the film away to Regina for developing and wait a couple weeks to get the photos back. When I go skiing, I usually take 100-120 photos which are instantly available to me. 

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