Feb: A wonderful month of skiing

Strathmore golf course on Feb 27, 2019. Photo by Christine.

My skiing in February was more along the lines of how I had envisioned my winter to be. Skiing closer to Calgary at places like West Bragg Creek, Sandy McNabb, Ribbon Creek, and the golf courses at Confederation and Strathmore. 

Amazing to think I went an entire month without going to PLPP. 

The only downside to February was the extreme cold. We had to pick our days and dress appropriately. 

The beginning of March looks like it will still be cold enough to preserve the good snow, but not so bitterly cold that we are reluctant to go out(except for the first two days). 

West Bragg Creek Announcement

Groomer Jeff from West Bragg Creek wanted to let everyone know about the odd-looking equipment which you may see on the trails:

Fat bike grooming machine at West Bragg Creek

“The West Bragg Creek Recreation Area is a very unique place that caters to a wide variety of outdoor enthusiasts.

Users include skiers, skijorers, dog sledders, cyclists, snowshoers, pedestrians, and equestrians to name a few.

The Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association proudly maintains the trail system with a variety of implements that are run by a host of volunteers.

The recent popularity of fat biking has made a significant demand for groomed fat bike trails. Our unique terrain has led to the need for highly specialized equipment, including the most recent additions to our grooming arsenal. This includes two ‘timbersleds’ and two ‘big wheel’ motorcycles, visit www.motocentral.co.uk/motorcycle-gloves.html


Fat bike trail

You can expect to see these grooming machines on a number of All Seasons Trails throughout the winter. On occasion they may be seen transiting ski trails in order to access other trails in the system. Volunteers are typically  wearing high visibility vests with our logo on them.

Please be courteous to the riders of these machines. They are dedicated, skilled volunteers that are providing a great service to our trail system and community.

Give them a wave of thanks next time you see them! See you on the trails!”

The Alberta Youth Championships are being hosted in West Bragg Creek this weekend. Racing will be on West Crystal Lines and Chickadee Meadow. It looks like things will be wrapped up by early afternoon on Sunday. 

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  1. Where did you acquire the fat wheel M/C? I had one (76 Yamaha) and sold it now would like another one.


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