Green wax weather

Bill Milne trail was groomed and trackset today. Photo by Tracksetter Jeff

Lost and Found: One of Kimberly Archibald’s party lost a wallet on Pipestone today. Keep an eye out for it if you ski there. 

Lots of grooming today on Ribbon Creek/Bill Milne/Kananaskis Village trails…

“Winter has returned with a womp up to 40cm of snow blankets the entire report area. Grooming concentrated on areas that previously had little to no snow. Bill Milne was groomed and track set from Kovach Pond to Wedge Pond, ice was getting close to coming over the trail south of the Kananaskis River crossing. Ribbon Creek, Hidden and CoalMine groomed with some limited track setting. Upper Kovach groomed only , Terrace and Terrace Link groomed and trackset.

It was snowing all day so expect earlier tracksetting to have new snow in the tracks. Grooming and tracksetting will be ongoing over the next few days.”

Cold-weather wax

It looks like this cold snap will be here for a while. It’s obvious that we’ll be using green(or polar) grip wax for the near future but you also will move a little faster if you have the appropriate glide wax on your skis.

15-20 cm of new snow on Goat Creek. Photo by Nick.

I was happy to read Aldona’s report yesterday about their enjoyable ski trip on Goat Creek. Her group was from Regina and had been looking forward to good conditions on Goat Creek. With the help of our trip reporters, she had good intel on the conditions. 

Goat Creek parking lot. Photo by Nick.

Speaking of Goat Creek, Nick and Helen were there today and encountered 15-20 cm of new snow on the trail. Helen brings up a good point about the trailhead…

“The wind had been so fierce @ 09:30 am atop of Goat Creek I could barely get the car door open!!!!  But as soon as we skied down that first hill, it was absolutely glorious.  Moral of the story: never judge Goat Creek trail by its adverse conditions in the parking lot.”

The parking lot photo captures the blustery conditions at the trailhead. Thanks to Nick for the photos.

Many of the trip reports this winter have mentioned people walking in ski tracks and we’ve had suggestions that better signage would help. The photo sent in by Tanya Koob, shows how Fernie has signed their ski trails. Tanya writes…

Montane Nordic at Fernie. Photo by Tanya Koob. Click for a larger image. 

“For something a little different, we’re in Fernie this weekend checking out their Nordic trails. And there is no way you can “accidentally” end up on a ski trail here! Red stop signs everywhere, with bright green signage telling non skiers they are on the wrong trail. I love it!! Alberta Parks and Parks Canada could learn from Fernie. And there are so many multi use trails here for fat biking or hiking that you have no excuse to be on the ski trail anyway as a non skier.”

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