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by Bob Truman on February 9, 2019

in XC

I found it interesting that both Steve Riggs and Alf Skrastins submitted trip reports yesterday from West Bragg Creek. Steve and Alf are two of this blog’s “originals” and have been submitting reports since the beginning in 2008. 

The comments which Steve, Alf, and a few other people submitted that first winter gave me encouragement to keep this blog going. 

I imagine thousands of skiers have planned their ski trips based on Alf’s and Steve’s detailed descriptions of ski conditions and the hundreds of photos which they have provided. Thanks, guys!

I’ve collected a few photos of Steve and Alf, and have added some of their photos in the gallery below. 

I am thrilled with all the new people who have submitted trip reports this winter. If you would like to join the fun, but aren’t sure how to submit a report, here are some instructions

Thanks to all the “regulars” who continue to post trip reports. As I’ve always maintained, your submissions are the life-blood of this blog. 

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1 Steve Riggs February 10, 2019 at 8:01 am

Aw shucks. For the record- it was Alf who got me started on SkiHere, by e-mailing a link to “a new website that looks interesting”. Thank you, Bob, for this valuable resource!


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