Saturday morning update

The World Cup Biathlon races scheduled for today in Canmore have been postponed. They will attempt to run them tomorrow. If you wish to ski at the nordic centre, check this page for access information. 

It’s bitterly cold in the SkierBob realm this morning with wind chills approaching -40°C. The warmest place I could find was Golden, BC at -21 with an expected high of -13. The Golden Nordic Ski Club has a webcam showing the current temperature. 

If you’re in Calgary, you won’t have to drive so far to access good snow and trail conditions. We’ve received 4-5 cm from this latest snowfall. 

Confederation golf course

We already know that West Bragg Creek is in nice shape, and below is  the Friday night update from Jamie who co-ordinates the grooming at Confederation golf course:

“Blue, green and orange trails were all groomed and trackset today.  The new snow overnight and today has made a big difference in the coverage.  Some places are still thin and tracks reached ground so watch out for that.  The yellow, purple and driving range will be groomed tonight so everything will be good to go for Saturday morning if you brave the cold and get out!  Stay warm!”

Last night in PLPP, Meadow and Woolley were trackset. Check the Live Grooming Report for more details. 

The Kananaskis Village trails were trackset yesterday. The map shows the location of the ice flow on the Bill Milne trail. A bypass has been groomed around the ice flow and it is signed at both ends. You will sink in frigid water if you attempt to cross the ice on your skis. 

If you wish to avoid the ice flow altogether, start skiing at the south end of the Bill Milne trail at Wedge Pond. You can ski for 6-7K before having to turn around.

For my readers in Medicine Hat, the Spring Creek trails in Cypress Hills were trackset yesterday. Other trails were groomed. Check the Live Grooming Report for details. 

Beginner Skiers

Now that most trails have snow, skiers in Calgary don’t have to drive so far. If you’re a beginner skier, Confederation golf course is a great place to practice. Mountain road at West Bragg Creek is another one which has minimal elevation and is nice and wide. If you wish to venture further into the mountains, this article I wrote has some good suggestions for beginners in Kananaskis. 


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  1. It appears that we have an inversion moving in as Nakiska Ridge top is the hotspot in Alberta this morning.

  2. And looks like no temperature inversion ski opportunities either with air temp -30 up at sunshine village. )-:

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