Wednesday morning update

The World Cup Biathlon races get underway tomorrow(Thursday) in Canmore. Some starting times have been changed due to cold weather early in the day. Click on the link to go to the website where you can access the schedule.

The Birkebeiner, scheduled for this Saturday, has been cancelled due to extreme cold weather forecasts for the Edmonton area. 

All the trails at Mt Shark except the 5K Green were groomed and trackset last night. 

West Bragg Creek has reasonably good skiing on the core trails right now. 

Cascade Valley and Upper Bankhead have been trackset over the past two days.

Approaching the top of Skogan Pass. Photo from Feb 7, 2018.

Skogan Pass and all the offshoots were groomed and/or trackset yesterday. That includes the Skogan Loop, Sunburst, and High Level. Chances are it’s warmer at those high elevations. If you reach the summit, you’ll be 600 metres higher than Ribbon Creek. 

After running into Jeff and Alex at the Ribbon Creek parking lot late yesterday afternoon, I see they continued grooming. Coal Mine, Ribbon Creek, Link, and Hidden appear to have been trackset yesterday as well. 

Stoney trail between Stoney parking lot and Hay Meadow is not a ski trail but Jeff groomed it yesterday to try and keep hikers who are on their way to Troll Falls off the ski trails. 

No more two hour drives to go skiing. There are so many good choices for skiing right now, it’s difficult to decide where to go. 

There’s more snow in the forecast for Thursday night and Friday. 

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