A good read: GBCTA annual report

by Bob Truman on March 11, 2019

in West Bragg Creek

This annual report with lots of photos summarizes more than just the accomplishments of 2018; it looks back as far as 2011 and to how far the organization has come since then.

Thanks to Alf Skrastins for bringing this to our attention and to Pat Davis for asking the question. 

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1 Steve Riggs March 12, 2019 at 7:30 am

It’s worth the quick read, as a reminder of how much hard work by volunteers has gone into transforming WBC into an exceptional all season multi-use destination. The most dramatic change has been in the non-skiing months- from a quiet backwater of the local mountain bike scene, where a half dozen cars in the lot was busy for a good summer evening, with basically only one interesting trail to ride (Telephone, and that only during extended dry spells)- to the most popular local riding venue, with a plethora of routes.


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