Not yet in the clutches of the meltdown

Ptarmigan in Paradise Valley. Photo by Chuck

Lots of positive trip reports coming in today, so the meltdown hasn’t yet taken a firm hold on the ski trails. Keith has come up with a name befitting of the big ice flow on the Bill Milne trail, “The Ice Lake.”

Mount Temple from Paradise Valley. Photo by Chuck.

gh on Elk Pass: “The conditions were surprisingly good.”

Marilyn on Mt Shark: “excellent this morning.”

Skier D on Lake O’Hara: “Great conditions.”

Martin and Jip on Bill Milne and Wedge: “Conditions are still very good throughout”

March is a popular month for spotting ptarmigan. Chuck took this photo on March 15, 2018.

Tanya on West Bragg Creek: “Great day though and so nice to be able to ski without a jacket”

Gary on West Bragg Creek: “overall the trails at WBC are in very good condition”

Chuck on Paradise Valley: “No need for Klister, Fishscales or skin skis up here!”

Edge of the ice lake along the Bill Milne trail. Photo by MaSid.

Keith on Bill Milne trail: “Bill Milne should still be in great condition for Sunday skiers. Most skiing on waxless skis but wax-able also worked.”

Ian and Darlene on Pocaterra: “Excellent ski conditions all day on V45.”

Ulrike on Mt Shark: “Skate skiing was very good, excellent grooming, pleasant temperature!”

Carole on PLPP: “We put on blue wax in the morning and did not adjust it all day.”

Read the entire texts of the trip reports for full details on the above trails. Thanks to everyone who submitted a report. With this weather, they are more valuable than ever. 

If the PLPP grooming follows the usual schedule, Packers, Whiskey Jack and Upper Pocaterra will be trackset tonight. 

I’ve added Chuck’s ptarmigan photo to the impressive collection of animal photos. To see all 38 photos, go to Animals along the ski trail. 

Lost and Found

Eva posted the following:

“WBC – I found sports sunglasses with prescription lenses this morning (ca. 11 AM) they were on the track of Iron Springs trail. If you lost yours, let me know how to get in contact with you.”

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  1. If you didn’t read the captions… Moraine Lake Road was trackset this morning… excellent conditions up there!

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