R.I.P. Pipestone couch

Pipestone River couch on Mar 10. Two above photos by Chuck.

MaSid’s couch on the Pipestone River made the snowcouch accessible to the masses. Well, not exactly the masses, but to a lot of skiers who don’t venture off the trackset trail. 

Jan 26: Giles and Amber try out MaSid’s second couch on the Pipestone river. Photo by Chuck

Unfortunately the  Pipestone trails will be closed starting tomorrow(March 11) due to infrastructure work. 

I’m glad Chuck took one last photo and gave it a proper good-bye today. 

Jan 24: Dalibor and Eva at MaSid’s Pipestone river couch

The couch was a popular stopping-off point on the long Pipestone perimeter loop through the winter, or a mid-point rest if you were continuing up the river as Chuck did today. See all Chuck’s photos.

Tomorrow(Monday) looks to be an unwelcome introduction to spring weather with temperatures nearing double digits in Calgary, Strathmore, Ribbon Creek and the foothills. The strong winds will blow a lot of tree debris onto the trails. Weather forecasts are predicting 10-15 cm of snow on Tuesday and cooler temperatures. 

Lost and Found

LOST POLES AT PLPP – Hi all, I was skiing at Peter Lougheed today, Sunday March 10, and I arrived at the Pocaterra hut around 3:30pm. When I arrived I leaned my ski poles up against the fence right in front of the hut and adjacent to the stadium area (or possibly against the hut itself) and went inside to put my boots on. When I came back outside to go for a ski my poles were gone. They are black carbon fiber one way poles with fluorescent yellow writing on them. I am wondering if anybody picked them up by mistake? Please contact me if so. I’d like to believe this was an honest mistake, as it happened to me earlier this year and that’s exactly what it was. You contact me directly if you have any information nancy.lopez+lostpoles@gmail.com.


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  1. Had lunch there yesterday. Suspected MaSid was behind the creation.

  2. That looks like a magnificent edifice!
    I am very sorry to have missed it, and to have missed skiing at Pipestone entirely this winter 🙁

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