Thursday night update

Chuck’s trail to Stoney Creek Horse Camp

Lots of informative trip reports today, thanks everyone! Lucky we have Chuck to give us grooming updates on the Banff trails. 

The meltdown is imminent so don’t delay. Most trails should be okay through the weekend with the help of waxless skis at the vulnerable locations like West Bragg Creek. 

Cascade Valley was trackset today. Photo by Chuck.

If you haven’t been up Skogan Pass, tomorrow looks like a perfect time with the trails being groomed tonight.

You can follow the snowcat on the Live Grooming Report. As I write this at 8:20 pm, the Pisten-Bully has been up to Hummingbird Plume and is now on High Level. The trail crew waited for the evening’s cooler temperatures to start grooming. The thermometer at Nakiska is showing -5. 

West Bragg Creek on Mar 14, 2019. Photo by Steve Riggs.

Most of the Ribbon Creek trails were groomed yesterday along with Bill Milne, Wedge, and Evan-Thomas. 

I’m guessing that it’s Mt Shark’s turn for grooming tonight from the PLPP groomer. 

Cascade Valley was trackset today(The Banff trail report hasn’t been updated, so thanks to Chuck for this info). 

Lake O’Hara fire road was trackset today.

Sad to hear from Eric R that hikers decimated the tracks on Goat Creek after it was in such excellent shape yesterday. It’s always the first 4K that takes a beating and the tracks seem to survive okay thereafter. Goat Creek is one trail where you want to ski ASAP after grooming. Ian and Darlene were fortunate to get out there early today. 

I expected to hear good things about the south trails in PLPP after last night’s grooming and gh came through with his trip report. Glad to hear gh got his pack returned. PLPP trails along with Lake Louise are usually the only ones which have a chance of surviving when the warm weather hits but it doesn’t even look that promising for those two places with highs around 8°C next week.

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