Confederation golf course

Claudette(L) and Deb at Confederation golf course

Nov 28, 2019 @ 5 pm

I was in the neighbourhood this afternoon so I stopped by Confed to see what the conditions were like. Claudette and Deb were just finishing their ski and said it was pretty good. 

Confed has been roll-packed and Deb said it looked like there were machine-made tracks in a few places where the snow was deeper. The bridges are pretty thin and there is the odd spot with some grass, but they didn’t encounter any rocks. 

Confederation golf course: If the gates are closed in the evening, you can still enter through the opening between the other gates.

The driving range is trackset. There are a few thin spots in the tracks as you can see in the photo, but it’s easy enough to step onto the corduroy to get around them.

I don’t think the parking lot will be open in the evenings but you can squeeze through the opening in the gates. The clubhouse isn’t open, but there’s a porta-potty on site. 


Strathmore golf course. Photo by Norman Gavey

On the topic of golf courses, the Strathmore golf course is being roller-packed today. Thanks to Norman Gavey for that information. It’s off-leash dog-friendly, too. 

Check the Groomer’s Reports for an update of the ski trails which surround the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

The Yoho Valley road was trackset today. See my previous post for details. 

Lots of grooming and tracksetting at West Bragg Creek today. The Live Grooming Report is showing a lot of green. 

The driving range at Confederation golf course is trackset

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