First tracksetting in Yoho

I received this update from Kicking Horse Ski Club in Field, BC:

(Edit. note: Takkakaw Falls road is also known as Yoho Valley Road)

“Joe did the TAK FALLS ROAD today–packed wide and double track on either side. “Cold as a bugger” he said–but it came out pretty good! He also stationed the track setters at the Kicking Horse Fire Road cause that will be the next one to work on. Go get ’em!”

Spectacular scenery all along the Yoho Valley road. Photo from Dec 2017

This trail reminds me a bit of Moraine Lake road, except with dazzling scenery and something new and eye-catching around every curve in the road. It’s 5k to the end of the tracksetting with a net elevation gain of 95 metres. It’s fun and fast coming back down without being scary. 

The trailhead is about 2K this side of Field and the area at the trailhead is known as the Monarch campground. 

The Kicking Horse Ski Club in Field is responsible for grooming the trails in Yoho and Emerald Lake. Consider making a donation or buying a membership if you enjoy skiing there. 

Yoho Valley road with Cathedral mountain in the distance. Photo from Dec 2017


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  1. I’ve never skied the Yoho Valley Road – how far up (like to what location, not what distance) is it trackset to?

    • Joe track sets only 7 KM to the base of the switchbacks. Avalanche hazards beyond…..14 k return!

      • The last time I was there, the tracksetting ended at 5k but there was snowmobile packing thereafter. Perhaps there was a reason, which I’m not aware of, why the tracks didn’t go all the way to the switchbacks.

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