Snowfall update

Originally posted on Tues Nov 19. Updated Nov 20 @ 9:40 a.m.

“Winter is back for at least a day. Get it while you can in West Bragg Creek!” -Groomer Jeff

West Bragg Creek on Nov 19, 2019. Photo by Groomer Jeff

Grooming this new snow has begun at West Bragg Creek(see photo at right). You can follow the progress on the Live Grooming report. Tomorrow should be a good day at WBC with the new snow, grooming, and cooler temperatures. It will get cold enough tonight for the tracksetting to set up well, and it is predicted to stay below zero on Wednesday.

The web cams are showing snow everywhere in the SkierBob empire.

I’ve received 12 cm of high-density snow in Calgary, and it’s still coming down. The snow-laden trees look spectacular. Update Nov 20: 15+ cm 

As predicted, there appears to be less snow as you head west. 

Paul reports 5 cm in Canmore. Update Nov 20 from Ray:We had another 5cm of snow here last night.  Quite a bit colder, fluffier, and less dense than yesterday’s snow.”

Helen reports 3-4 cm in Lake Louise, probably just enough to cover the damage caused by warm weather and wind on Sunday/Monday. Update Nov 20: Moraine Lake road, the Great Divide, and Tramline were trackset on Nov 19. 

The Mud Lake weather station indicates 8 cm with no new snow in the past five hours. Does that mean it has stopped snowing in K-Country? 8 cm is consistent with the forecasts from yesterday.  Update Nov 20: An additional 9 cm fell on Tuesday night.

Geoff reports 10 cm at Highwood Pass, so 8 cm sounds about right for PLPP

When I checked this morning, it showed the area with the most snow in the forecast was Sandy McNabb at 19 cm. It takes a lot of snow at Sandy McNabb to get decent coverage because the trails are so rough. 

Please leave a comment and let us know how much snow is in your back yard. 

For what it’s worth, the Weather Network is predicting higher than average snowfall for most of the trails in the SkierBob realm this winter. See image. The city of Calgary is right on the edge. 


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  1. West Bragg Creek
    I would estimate close to 20cm and still snowing at West Bragg Creek, as of 10 pm.

  2. Bob,
    There was no “damage caused by warm weather and wind on Sunday/Monday”.
    Conditions in Lake Louise improve daily!

    • Chuck, as Trudeau would say, “you may have experienced things differently.” 🙂

      “Lower tramline was in good condition with the exception of water dropping on the trail from tree branches. Bow River was in poor condition with substantial water from trees freezing on contact with the packed snow.” – Ian and Darlene

      Re: Great Divide: “It was +2 by the time I started and there was evidence of tree debris and lots of leaves and needles in sections of the trail after last nights huge winds.” – Helen Read

  3. Maybe 5 cm in Canmore. Stopped snowing this morning.

  4. 10 cm new snow at Highwood Pass.

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