West Bragg Creek update

We’ve had reports from Sharon and Jenn about the icy road and accidents on the way to West Bragg Creek. I also received this email from Jennifer Leung:

I was in wbc parking lot around 10am. Road conditions were terrible starting in bragg. The highway between calgary and bragg were not terrible.  I crossed bridge and turned right at the stop sign. As I was approaching the right hand corner, I saw people and cars on the road. I braked, but the whole road was covered in ice. I slid and was pretty sure I was going to hit them. Thankfully the vehicle slowed enough to control the sliding and I squeezed between the two vehicles.  Please note that the whole road to the parking lot was covered in the same ice. I encountered another incident shortly after leaving the last accident. Vehicles were sliding all over the road. Take caution on the road!!

The ski was not much better. I headed east on east crystal line. Some of the track was decent to ski in, but a lot of it was not. I used the other track or the skate ski track. I took the second junction to sundog loop, and turned onto loggers loop. Much of sundog and loggers had an ice crust. It made for a very icy ski. I crashed out many times as I struggled to stay in control. I anticipate the big snowfall expected to roll in will make for better conditions. 

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