Winter Wonderland Day 3

Loggers Loop at West Bragg Creek. Photo by Don C

Thanks for all the trip reports!

Loggers Loop is now trackset.

This is the third day in a row where we’ve had a photo from this same location on Loggers at West Bragg Creek. Don C is responsible for the top photo which was taken earlier in the day. I took the second photo around 3 pm this afternoon. I’ll have a more complete update from West Bragg Creek with more beautiful photos later. Including dogs!

Lake Louise Update

Finally some good news from Lake Louise. Chuck was skiing in deep snow on Moraine Lake road. Check the Trip Reports for his photos. Helen Read started at the O’Hara end of the Great Divide. She sent an email and the below photo:

“Started in boot high powder breaking trail to top of hill when skidoo followed by packing sled came along.   From Divide picnic table back to RR tracks it was all packed on our return.  Skied to intersection with #7 Peyto trail. Saw no other skiers on our 16 kms. ski, but evidence of some tracks on our return to car.   Great to get the boots on again!”

Clifton breaks trail on the Great Divide at Lake Louise. Photo by Helen Read

Parks Canada has posted this notice regarding Moraine Lake road:

Moraine Lake Road* – Please be aware that on November 7th there will be construction machinery on Moraine Lake Road. More snowfall will be necessary to improve conditions following this date. 


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