Did someone say snow?

Spray River West. Photo by Chuck

Chuck’s photos are always good, but these are remarkable! I laughed when I read the captions on a few of them. 

Thanks, everyone, for your trip reports and the helpful information. It’s going to take a few days to pack, groom and trackset. It sounds like some parking lots are still waiting to be plowed. We can’t all do it, but Chuck made the right choice to ski from his house rather than drive his car to the Spray River trailhead. 

We are so lucky to live here

Tracksetter Jeff sent the Christmas Card at the right. First time anyone used the term “universe.” I like it! 

It has given me pause to do some reflecting.  

One of the unique features of the SkierBob universe is the extensive variety of places we have available to ski. It’s one of the reasons this blog was necessary and why it is so popular. Most ski areas have one set of trails and that’s it. The ski area itself gives out the information. Last weekend I listed 17 areas in my realm where you could go skiing. 

Back in the day when I started skiing(97-98), we had to phone the Info Centres for updates. There were no trip reports and no photos. Can you imagine such a state of deprivation?

Since 2008, I’ve become acquainted with many skiers who are regular contributors on this blog and look forward to their reports and to running into them on the trails. I value my relationships with the tracksetters and all those who are on the front lines of preparing the trails and the information. 

I’m looking forward to some wonderful skiing in a few days when all this new snow has been groomed. I hope everyone will have safe travels over the holidays. It doesn’t sound very good in the mountain passes in BC right now, so be careful out there. 

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  1. Can we process all of this snow?


    If we work together it can be done!

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