How to access Skogan Pass trails

You’ve got one last chance to ski this year.

Last night, Tracksetter Jeff groomed the Skogan Pass trails including Skogan Loop, Sunburst, High Level, and Hummingbird Plume. 

(Click on the map for a larger image)

There are three possible ways to start up Skogan Pass.

The actual Lower Skogan Pass trail no longer connects to the Ribbon Creek parking lot(it was always covered with water and ice). You have to start by going up Hidden for 400 metres. At the Hidden – Coal Mine junction, there is now a connector trail on your right taking you over to the Lower Skogan Pass trail.

Hay Meadow

I see that Hay Meadow has been groomed. You can start at the Stoney trailhead and take Hay Meadow which has beautiful views, followed by a short, steep climb up Ruthie’s. If you don’t get there by noon today, Hay Meadow will be covered with boot prints from hikers going to Troll Falls.

You can avoid the initial climbing by parking at Nakiska and following the maze to the Hidden/Ruthie’s/Skogan junction which is where the Screamer begins. This involves skiing through the Nakiska downhill area. 


The beginner skier I took to Wedge Connector on Saturday went back on his own yesterday. He said conditions were excellent and the deep boot prints had all been fixed by the new grooming. He took a chance on doing the hills on the Bill Milne trail and said he’s getting hooked. 

If you’re considering skiing Redearth Creek, read Normand’s detailed trip report from yesterday. We now know that the trail is only trackset to the 7K campground. 

Here’s an excerpt from the recent comment by Random Dad in regards to trails which have been damaged by hikers, snowshoers, and fat bikers….

Instead of just being frustrated, I wonder if there is a way to groom (sounds ridiculous) the snowshoe trails with the fat bike machines so the ski trails are less tempting.

I am a multisport athlete ( as I’m sure most of us are) that fat-bikes, snowshoes, Hikes, Ice climbs…and XC skis. I have no ill-will towards other user groups but I have no desire to need to be air lifted out of somewhere in the event that some one chops up the trails post-holing up where we are meant to ski.

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