R.I.P. Tessa 2005 – 2019

Tessa enjoyed skiing at West Bragg Creek. Mar 10, 2018

There is one skier you won’t be seeing on the trails this winter, and that’s our beloved dog Tessa who died on Sep 28, 2019.

Tessa’s first ever ski trip. Jan 8, 2006 at Nipika Mountain Resort

Cheryl and I enjoyed over 14 wonderful years with Tessa, and we have beautiful memories, but there are no words to describe the intensity and depth of our grief. 

We are glad she had a wonderful, active life right up to the end. 

Tessa was still doing well last winter. Mar 9, 2019 at Strathmore golf course

We took Tessa for her first ski trip to Nipika in Jan 2006. She was an energetic, healthy, strong dog and was usually looking back to see if we were coming. 

I’ve been going through her skiing photos and the trail from where I have the most photos is (old) Ribbon Creek, which we haven’t skied on for the last six years of her life. Old Ribbon Creek was also a big loss. 

Tessa loved the trails where she could go off-leash such as West Bragg Creek, Nipika, Strathmore, and Sandy McNabb. 

Everybody thinks their dog is the best, but Tessa had one trait which was truly amazing. In her entire life, she never put one nose print on the window of my car!

I’ve skied on many of Tessa’s favourite trails already this winter, and while I enjoy thinking about the good times with her, it is with a heavy heart that I go back to the trails where we had so much fun.


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  1. Bob-this is a beautiful post. There’s nothing quite like a dog’s love and nothing quite like spending a wonderful winter day on the trails with your best 4 legged friend. May you have many happy memories. Thank you for sharing.

  2. What a lovely tribute to Tessa. Her pictures show that she was much loved and adored.

  3. Thank you, everyone, for the warm wishes and thoughtful comments.

  4. Feeling your loss. We are on our third ski dog- Piper. It’s so tough losing them, but the good times and memories are worth it.

  5. Such wonderful photos and memories, Tessa obviously loved her time outdoors with her humans. So sorry for your loss.

  6. I’m sorry for the loss of your great companion Tessa. You have some wonderful memories of her in photos.

  7. Dear Bob and Cheryl,
    We are very sorry to hear this sad news. I’m sure Tessa had the best possible life with you, full of love and adventure. It is never long enough, and so hard to say good-bye.
    Hugs to you both <3

  8. Looks like Tessa had a happy glorious life. Flapping ears, tongue out, head in the snow (which was a great photo) or sleeping on the back seat after a good day of chasing critters and leading the way down the trail, making sure it was safe for you and Cheryl.

  9. Love the photos. Tessa was one lucky dog to have such adventurous owners.

  10. So sorry to hear Tessa is now over the rainbow bridge, we know it can be the hardest to bare, be thankful for the time shared together.

  11. Aw That was a wonderful post.
    I’m sure many can relate.
    it looks like she had a wonderful life and helped you to have the same! It’s just so damn hard

  12. I’m very sorry for your loss, Cheryl and Bob.

  13. Thanks for the update… so sorry Cheryl & Bob for your loss.

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