Saturday morning update

Check the Trip Reports to see what skiers found on their adventures yesterday. 18 trip reports! Thanks to everyone who submitted a trip report. It sure helps us decide where to ski today.

Thanks also to JDoug and everyone else who’s been clearing trees, twigs, and debris from the trails.

Most of the Kananaskis Village trails and Ribbon Creek were trackset last night. This new grooming should eliminate most of the hikers’ boot prints which Tanya encountered yesterday.

Trails at the south end of PLPP were trackset last night including Elk Pass, Blueberry Hill, Hydroline and Patterson. Tyrwhitt is still closed for avalanche control. It’s very important that you read the remarks on the Live Grooming Report. 

Redearth Creek was groomed or trackset yesterday. The Banff trail report is not very specific. It also doesn’t indicate how far.

Yoho Valley Road was trackset yesterday.

The Shoreline trail at Lake Louise was trackset yesterday. The Lake trail was trackset today but still has some icy areas. 

Baker Creek to Morant’s Curve was trackset on the 26th.

Castle Junction to Castle Lookout is trackset up to the construction.

Confederation golf course update Dec 27: “Today the green and purple loops skate lanes were groomed. Some new classic tracks were set on the purple loop.”

Golden, BC: “Our trails are now all groomed and in excellent condition.”

Has anyone skied at the Strathmore golf course lately? We haven’t had any reports and I’m wondering how the conditions are. 

We’re experiencing lots of problems with hikers on the trails. I wonder if signs like this would help:


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  1. It should be noted that the trails around the Kananaskis Village and Ribbon Creek are all multi use in some way. It is not illegal to walk on a ski trail. The new winter only snowshoe and fatbike trails once they are up and running will separate some of the users but there will always be walkers. The share the trail signage that is currently up is making things worse due to the soft conditions. The signs indicate hikers should walk between the tracks . The area between the tracks is less compacted at the moment causing deep post holes. Once the groomers catch up to the trees and snow the base will be firmed up to allow for walking and skiing with only minor issues.
    I understand the frustration skiers have with hikers and our problem is not unique. All users should have an opportunity to recreate and take advantage of the groomed surface especially when the snow is this deep. Our goal should be to educate and or provide alternatives. There is lots of room on the trails it just needs to be managed correctly.

    • The new signage is a “step” in the right direction. At Wedge yesterday, if this was three years ago, the tracks would have been obliterated. As it was, we still had good tracks and an enjoyable ski.

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