Throwback Thursday

Ross and Jurgen Dec 5, 2011

On Dec 5, 2011, I arrived at the Ribbon Creek trailhead to find Ross and Jurgen who had just finished skiing on the first tracksetting of the winter.

Going back even further, on this date in 2008, Steve Riggs left his first ever trail report. This blog had been in existence for less than a month. In the interim, Steve has submitted over 450 comments. His report in 2008 was about West Bragg Creek…

“West Bragg Creek trails.
Over 15 cm total by Tuesday afternoon, over mostly dirt.
Returned Thursday to find most trails south of the road had been packed.
No tracksettting, but enjoyable nonetheless. Conditions were bumpy and thin, I’d rate it poor to fair. Not worth going now, until more snow falls, as it was quite warm in the foothills on Friday. At least there is a decent base. Pray for snow!”

Mountain road at West Bragg Creek

Back to the present…

We’re off to much better start in WBC this winter. After 5-7 cm of snow yesterday, the groomers were out working last night and started refreshing the trails. Groomer Jeff sent in the photo of freshly trackset Mountain road at 11:51 pm.

Ray Perrott’s deck in Canmore received 8 cm of snow yesterday. 

The Mud Lake weather station shows 12 cm of new snow. This bodes well for the Mt Shark trails. There was a trail report issued on Dec 4 for Mt Shark:

“The snow base on the Mt Shark trail sytem is still very thin, with an unpacked base of under 10cm’s in many areas, bare ground in some windswept spots, and up to 20cm’s in some areas. On Dec 3rd the downed trees were removed from the full trail system (again), and the full Watridge Lake Trail, as well as the Blue 2, and the first 2 km’s of the Red 5, were all snowmobile roller packed.”

Skiers reported fresh snow at Lake Louise and at PLPP yesterday. The warm temperature was making it difficult to wax. It’s colder today, and is remaining below zero for the coming week. Fairview at Lake Louise is scheduled for tracksetting today. 

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