Welcome to winter

Packers/Pocaterra junction in PLPP. Photo by JeremyN

Another 20 cm fell last night on top of what’s in JeremyN’s photo. 

No matter how cold it is outside, these words will warm your heart:

Biggest Snowfall of the Winter

On the shortest day of the year, we can celebrate a big helping of new snow. 

It may take a few days for the grooming teams to “process” all this snow into trackset trails, but a few were working overnight….

West Bragg update from Groomer Jeff:

“Groomers got an early start this morning to groom 5 cm of wet, warm snow. It was a nice refresher to the trail system but will make for challenging waxing if you’re on regular classic skis.

Skate lanes will remain somewhat soft as temperatures are hovering around 0 C today. Regardless, it is a spectacular day out and more snow is in the forecast. Have a great ski!”

•PLPP: The trails on the west side of the road including Lodgepole and Braille were groomed and trackset last night. The trail report remarked…

“By midnight on Dec 20th, over 40 cm of new snow had fallen on the PLPP Ski Trails over a 24 hour period, including close to 20 cm during the evening grooming, with the snow showing no signs of letting up. Expect significant accumulations of snow on all trails. The temperature has hovered around the freezing mark during most of this snow event, so expect the new snow to be quite moist.”

Ribbon Creek: Tracksetter Jeff tried to start the grooming process but the snow was too moist. It has to cool off a bit. 

At Lake Louise, Moraine lake road, Great Divide and Tramline were trackset yesterday but are probably covered with fresh snow by now. 


Where can we expect some newly trackset trails to come on stream over the next few days?

  • Kananaskis Village/Ribbon Creek/Bill Milne trails
  • Goat Creek and Spray River
  • Healy Creek/Brewster Creek
  • Canmore Nordic Centre
  • North end trails in PLPP

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