Yet another place to ski – Priddis

Priddis golf course on Feb 28, 2019. Photo by JeremyN

Update Nov 2020: The public is no longer allowed to ski at Priddis golf course. 

Thanks to Tom M for this update on the Priddis golf course:

“Priddis Golf Course – Trackset on Dec 2

Kathy K checked out the Priddis Golf Course today and reports that the course has been trackset – 10 plus km of classic trails.  Great coverage with a couple thin spots under trees.  Check these trails out if you haven’t before – fun, rolling and flowy.  A quick 20 minute drive from South Calgary and half the driving distance to WBC.  Trails can be accessed from the clubhouse.  Open to the public.  Enjoy!”

…and yet another!

The trails south of the road at Sandy McNabb were groomed today.

Lake Louise update:

Moraine Lake road, the Great Divide, and Tramline were all groomed and trackset today.



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  1. Whipper Bill Watson

    Skied the Priddis golf course Wednesday. It was snowing hard and the tracks were quite good. As Kathy K said, there were a few thin spots under some trees but overall very nice ski and good rolling terrain. The only tricky parts for beginners would be when crossing a lumpy cart path with speed. Be careful!

  2. I see from the live grooming reports that the south parts of Elbow and Iron Springs have been groomed. Maybe even trackset, although the trip report from Arie doesn’t mention that.
    Also-Sandy McNabb trails to the south of the highway are showing as having been groomed.

    • Steve, thanks for the heads-up on Sandy McNabb. I’ve added it to the update.

    • So nice to see that the south side of Sandy McNabb has been groomed! We were out there today skiing the north side in skier-made tracks. The south section of the Long Prairie Loop from the meadow to the junction with Long Prairie Link is really churned up by horses and hikers, we had a devil of a time going downhill on that section. Nevertheless, it was a great day.

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