You know there’s too much snow when….


…The horse-drawn sleigh at Kananaskis Village gets stuck. Tracksetter Jeff sent the above photo and added these remarks…

“You know there is too much snow when even the horse and sleigh ride gets stuck.
Luckily I happen to be sitting on 130 horses to move things along.”

Banff Grooming is underway

The Banff trail report indicates that Goat Creek, Spray River West and Spray River East were snowmobile packed and flat packed today. What do they mean by flat packed I wonder? Roller packed? I haven’t heard that term used when describing trail maintenance. With all the new snow, it was probably a full day’s work just to get the initial packing done. I guess we’ll have to wait for Chuck’s report tomorrow to see what transpired. 

Winter wonderland continues at West Bragg Creek…

Thanks to Steve Riggs for the photo below…

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