Brewster Creek and Healy Creek

Wolverine tracks on the Brewster Creek trail at the bridges (2015)

Knowing that Sundance Lodge is scheduled to open on Thursday, I contacted Discover Banff Tours(the owners) regarding grooming on Healy and Brewster Creeks. This is their reply…

“It is packed and/or track set from Healy to the Brewster creek bridges as of last week by Parks Canada.

Tracksetting from the bridges to the lodge will be done by Friday, but is currently packed.”

Parks Canada’s trail report for Banff indicates no grooming on Brewster Creek. It says “skier tracked.” Healy Creek trail= “not yet maintained.”

It seems the only way to know for sure what transpires is to go there in person and submit a report to this blog. Who volunteers?

It’s about 2K from the bridges(pictured) to the end of the trail at Sundance Lodge. The entire trail is 11.3K. 

Tracksetting Update

PLPP grooming last night included Amos, Meadow, Woolley, and Wheeler. 

I hope anyone thinking of going to PLPP is skeptical of the Weather Network’s temperatures. They are indicating it’s -20°C at Boulton Creek however the Mud Lake thermometer, which I do believe, is at -31. 

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    I broke trail to Sundance Lodge a week or 2 ago. It was excellent skiing conditions with no rocks. I also broke and packed the short cut up to the lodge which should be in very good condition now with new snow on top of the skier track.

    I also sent Don from Parks Canada an email requesting the trail be trackset.

    I would hold off skiing until Friday when it warms up and a person can then enjoy the “beach deck” without worry of frost bite.

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