What great initiative by these students. Groomer Jeff from West Bragg Creek provided the following:

Many thanks to a couple of  Banded Peak students who set up a fundraising booth for the GBCTA in front of the Trails Centre on Sunday afternoon.

They were participating in a Changemaker program at their school that entails:

1) kids volunteering their time to give back
2) It’s an initiative to try and get kids to look beyond themselves, and what they can do to make a difference 

The kids asked if they could set up a table, with signage, asking for donations for the West Bragg Creek trails on the weekends. They recognized that there is considerable expense to providing the trails that they enjoy and wanted to help support their continued success and enjoyment.

Their initiative included a tent, signage, hot chocolate, and a propane powered fire bowl! Not only were they collecting donations but they were selling GBCTA buffs as well!

Over a four hour period, they were able to collect almost $1200 in donations for GBCTA operations.

Congratulations and thanks to students Liam Peach-Dawson and Tate Ryder! Also thanks to parents Kate Peach, Imke and Geoff Ryder. Marilyn Ledingham and Rick Boden provided additional assistance with planning and technical support!

Look for repeat appearances from this fantastic team periodically throughout the year, and be sure to drop by, say hello and show your support!


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  1. What a great idea ! Thank you so much, kids !


    Cool kids! Very smart. Hope they ski hard too.

  3. FANTASTIC work students – I tip my toque to you!!!!!!!

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