Friday morning temperature round-up

Mt Shark trails were trackset last night. Photo from Jan 2018.

First, a tracksetting update. Chris gave us all a heads-up on Mt Shark when she saw the snowcat yesterday. This morning, the Live Grooming Report shows the entire system has been trackset. 

At Canmore Nordic Centre, the natural snow on Banff trail was trackset this morning. 

Bill Milne, Wedge, and Evan-Thomas are being trackset as I write this.

There was a spark of hope yesterday with reports of temperatures in the single digits at Mt Shark and PLPP. It seems to have been a one-off because today’s forecasts are colder again, except for Mountain Forecast which is quite optimistic compared to the other two. 

Today’s winner, according to the forecasts is Golden, BC. It shows -10 or warmer across all the forecasts. 

Mt Shark also appears to have one of the warmer temperatures this morning. Mud Lake, which is near Mt Shark, is at -10.4°C at 9 a.m.

The Rivers.Alberta site shows PLPP at -24 at 8 a.m.

Let’s see what the various forecast are predicting for today. I’m giving high temperatures for, Weather Network, and Mountain Forecast. 

Calgary: -19, -23, -25, sunny

PLPP: -15, -16, -9, partly sunny

Kananaskis Village: -16, -18, -9, mostly sunny

West Bragg Creek: -16, -23, -17, sunny

Banff: -17, -15, -7, partly sunny

Canmore: -17, -16, -6  sunny

Lake Louise: -17, -16 -8, partly sunny

Golden: -11, -10, -6, sunny

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  1. Probably about -15 to -20 in the heally meadows and up on the rampart today (but it felt warmer, relatively speaking). -13 back at the car at 3ish, not cooling off on the return drive until past banff.

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