Monday morning grooming update

Watridge Lake road. Photo from Jan 2018.

There are some new developments in the SkierBob universe this morning. Watridge Lake road at Mt Shark was trackset last night.

Evan -Thomas trail on Jan 11, 2017

This is the first grooming in 22 days there, so it’s nice to see this happening. I probably don’t need to explain, but if you’re wondering why more trails weren’t groomed, it’s most likely because the snowcat operator spends half his time clearing fallen trees from the trail, in addition to making numerous passes to pack the large quantities of snow. Please read the remarks on the Mt Shark Live Grooming report.

Castle Lookout to Baker Creek. Feb 10, 2018.

The Bill Milne, Wedge Connector, and Evan-Thomas trails were trackset early this morning. It’s the first grooming on Evan-Thomas this winter. As you know, the Evan-Thomas gets walked on a lot so best to get out there soon. Lynn Bowers’ trip report mentioned there was 4 cm of fresh snow on these trails, so hopefully most of the pine needles got buried. 

Many of the natural snow trails at the Canmore Nordic Centre were trackset this morning including Banff, Bow, and Meadowview.

Bow trail at Canmore Nordic Centre. Feb 2018

Thanks to Cathy and Wally, we know that Castle Lookout to Baker Creek was trackset yesterday. 

The Banff trail report indicates that Casdcade Valley to the 6K bridge was trackset yesterday.

Trails at West Bragg Creek are continually being groomed. Check the Live Grooming Report for details. 

The following trails were trackset in Lake Louise yesterday: Tramline; Moraine Lake Rd; Great Divide; Townsite; Bow River Loop; Campground.

It sure is handy to have this library of photos from every trail in the “empire.” 

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