Redearth Creek/Shadow Lake Lodge update

Archive photo of Redearth Creek

As you know, Alpine Club of Canada has taken over Shadow Lake Lodge. Lawrence White, executive director of ACC, just informed me they will not be opening the lodge this winter. The significance of that development is that Redearth Creek will not be groomed by ACC/Shadow Lake Lodge for the remainder of the season, so I am hoping the Banff tracksetter will continue to do it. 

I trust everyone is staying warm. 

From what I can ascertain of the weather forecasts, it appears that higher elevations will be warming up less frigid today. The Mud Lake thermometer has warmed up by eight degrees between 1 a.m. and 9 a.m. so it’s going in the right direction. At 9 a.m. it was -23°C. The Aster Lake thermometer, which is at a much higher elevation, is at -20.


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  1. Here in Quebec, I love skiing un-groomed ski trails with my “backcountry” nordic Fischer E99’s. I keep looking at skiing in the Rockies but it seems that, with a few exceptions listed by Bob elsewhere, everything is groomed for cross-country.
    Might this be an opportunity to offer advanced skiers another place to do what we call ski de randonnée? Another option like the ski to Skoki, if I understand correctly?
    Would need good communications, of course, and I don’t know the trails.

  2. In lieu of redearth getting track set past the campground this season, sure would be nice to see an updated opening date on pipestone trails, if not actually opening “mid-January” as previously anticipated. As far as ACC goes, one would expect parks advised a new owner/operator of responsibilities in the approval/leasing change process. I doubt such a facility can change hands without the blessing of parks.


    From what Don from Parks Canada told me is that it is the “volunteer” responsibility of the Cabin owner to trackset Red Earth Creek trail beyond RE6 campground.

    Ideally ACC should trackset the trail to maintain traditional obligations and for good marketing/public relations purposes. Skiers who attempt to go to the area for the first time may not come back if they find the skiing difficult and un trackset. From a marketing perspective, this would not be good.

    The ACC could haul supplies by snowmobile up to the cabins that may be needed in summer, while tracksetting at the same time. They may need items like propane, tools, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, dried foods and more at the cabins. Tracksetting the trail will also give them better experience for the future.

    I wonder if the ACC was aware that it was their “obligation” as cabin owners to trackset the trail before they purchased the cabins.

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