Tunnel Mountain and Sundance Canyon

Skiers at Tunnel Mountain yesterday, wondering where the tracks are. Photo by Chuck

Thanks to everyone who signed up for snow farming at Confed tonight. 

As you heard and saw yesterday from Chuck, the Tunnel Mountain trails in Banff haven’t been trackset this winter despite lots of snow. I received an update from Eric Baron at Parks Canada today: 

Tunnel Mountain in 2015

“The public consultation period for the impact assessment for Tunnel Mountain Campground winter trail grooming closed today. I will give you an update once we receive the results from the process.”

Eric Baron is Product Development Officer, Visitor Experience, Banff National Park, Banff Field Unit.

Sundance Canyon. Photo from Feb 2014

He also explained why Sundance Canyon is not being trackset:

“Sundance Trail has not been groomed for skiing because work on the Sulphur Mountain Wildfire Risk Reduction Project is planned to continue this winter. It is expected that Sundance Trail will be closed to ensure the safety of the public during operations from late January 2020 until spring.”


West Bragg Creek on Jan 2. Photo by Steve Riggs

There’s a long list of trails which were trackset at Lake Louise today:

  • Lake Louise shoreline
  • Upper Telemark
  • Peyto
  • Great Divide
  • Lower Telemark
  • Tramline
  • Townsite
  • Bow River Loop
  • Campground
  • Moraine Lake Rd

There’s also a long of trails which were groomed at West Bragg Creek today. Check the WBC Live Grooming Report for details. The trail in Steve’s photo, Iron Springs, was not groomed but it still looks pretty nice. 

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