What a difference a day makes

Ernie(left) and the gang at the Wheeler/Amos north junction

Yesterday we were flying around the new tracksetting in PLPP. Today, it was slow going in fresh snow on last night’s tracksetting.

Chuckley has reported 8 cm in the south end of the park. I arrived to 4 cm at Elkwood with a temperature hovering near zero, so the snow was a bit sticky. From reading the trip reports, it sounds like it may have been a bit cooler in the south end.

It was a good day to be using waxless skis but I managed fairly well with VR40(-4/-12) which is a much colder wax than the temperature would call for. 

Fresh snow on last night’s tracksetting on Wheeler

I meandered around on the middle trails with no particular destination in mind. I skied on Wheeler, Amos, Lynx, and Pocaterra. 

There’s a couple cm of new snow at the Pocaterra hut. The new snow will be good for covering up tree debris. 

The highlight of the day was meeting Ernie and his gang of happy skiers at the Wheeler/Amos junction. 

West  Bragg Creek Jan 22 update: 

We are now firmly planted in a freeze-thaw cycle pattern of weather which is going to translate into variable conditions on the trails. Expect some icy areas early in the day and softer conditions in sun exposed areas especially in the afternoons. Be especially cautious of steep hills where added caution is advised.

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