Who made these tracks?

I received these photos and remarks from Kinga…

“I came across some tracks on skogan loop yesterday afternoon, on a flatter section close to the junction with skogan pass (going ccw). I’m having a tough time identifying the animal. I know lynx are more common but these are quite large. Also, it looks like there may be two sets, not sure. For reference, my size 39 women’s feet probably make for about 10″ long boots and the one track is almost half the length of my shoe. Perhaps it’s a large lynx?”


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  1. Thanks all for weighing in! Survey says it was a wolf! Wonderful to contemplate.

  2. Hopefully the people who encountered the Bobcat reported it.

  3. If you focus on the heel rather than the claw marks, it indicates K9. As you mention ‘2 sets’ that may indicate a domestic dog because wolf tracks are typically ‘single track’ impressions because their chest is narrower than most well fed dogs. The only way to really know the origin of a track once it has a K9 determination is to have a look at the scat.

    • In deed the scat brings to mind this skit for a true determination !!

      • LOL, I’m glad I didn’t ski in it. There actually was scat on skogan pass between the skogan loop junctions, but I didn’t stop for a photo and, besides, I wonder what Skier Bob would’ve titled that post 😉

  4. Definitely wolf! See the claw marks. A cat re-tracks it’s claws especially on smooth surfaces such as the ski trail.

    • Yes indeed. The other telltale aspect is the shape of the toe pad, k-9 more elliptical and egg like (supporting the larger unretractable claw). Cat pads are rounder. Thought I spotted some yesterday on ribbon creek also but didn’t stop to inspect closely.

  5. No kidding, poor little lynx aka bobcat. They’re curious and harmless. No need to use bear spray. Nature is our friend.

  6. Wolf. You would not see claw marks on a Canada lynx or cougar

  7. A nice healthy cougar ?. A lynx wouldn’t leave such defined toe prints as their paws act more like snow shoes.

  8. I’d say wolf

  9. My wife and I saw the tracks yesterday on Ribbon Creek Trail and talked with a skier who just recently had an encounter with a bobcat. He said he had to use bear spray to make it run away. There were other skiers aware of this too.

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