Elk Pass: F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C

Elk Pass

Sometimes words aren’t necessary. That knowing look, that you give to your skiiing partner when you’ve just finished the most amazing, fun, downhill run is all that’s required. 

When Peter finished his guiding duties at the Ski for Light event in PLPP, we headed for the new tracksetting at Elk Pass.

The plateau on Elk Pass

The air temperature at 2:30 pm was -2. The snow was still cold enough for me to use VR50(0/-4) and it got me up the big hill with minimal herringbones. 

The snow was cold and clean and the tracks were fast but not icy. 

Elk Pass

Late in the day, everyone is on their way back to the trailhead and we encountered a lot of skiers descending the hill as we were going up. All the steep downhills were easy today. 

We skied to the top of Elk Pass and continued on excellent conditions for a ways on Tyrwhitt before turning around and retracing our steps. 

Elk Pass

The 2k gradual downhill stretch from the Blueberry junction to the Hydroline junction was as enjoyable as we’ve ever experienced. Exhilarating!

There’s 4-5 cm of snow in the forecast for PLPP starting Friday night and continuing into Saturday. 

Tracksetting updates

West Bragg Creek: Telephone Loop and others. Check the Live Grooming Report. Also see Steve’s photos.

The sun was still shining on Tyrwhitt

Healy Creek in Banff was trackset today. Brewster Creek is trackset. See Chuck’s photos

Cascade Valley from the 6K bridge to the end near Stoney Creek was trackset today. 

Goat Creek was trackset yesterday. 

Lake Louise tracksetting today: Fairview; Great Divide; Tramline; Lower Telemark.

The Emerald Connector was trackset two days ago. Heather remarked, “The track setting, by Joe, was GREAT, and the conditions fabulous. I started out at the Natural Bridge and skied to Emerald and back. The temperature was about -7, and the snow was like silk.”

I expect Mt Shark will be groomed tonight. Check the Live Grooming Report in the morning to verify. 

Thursday is usually the day for tracksetting on Lake O”Hara. 

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