Only if they’re in your backpack

Dog in backback on Tyrwhitt

Feb 12, 2020

Dogs are not allowed on the groomed ski trails in PLPP. Mary’s report of a dog running off-leash on Tyrwhitt reminded me of this photo from a few years ago…

If you’re looking for trails where dogs are allowed check my page Dog-friendly ski trails. 

Tracksetting today:

Cascade Valley beyond the 6k bridge. Photo by Chuck

Confederation golf course: “The new snow combined with the wind last night gave our groomer a blank slate to work with this morning. All trails outside the driving range were groomed and trackset this morning.”

Cascade Valley was trackset all the way to the end near Stoney Creek. Upper Bankhead is also trackset. 

Tunnel Mountain.

Bill Milne, Wedge Connector, Evan-Thomas. 

West Bragg Creek – check the Live Grooming Report for details

Lake Louise: Moraine Lake road, Tramline, Townsite, Fairview, Lake trail. 

Yoho: “Joe is working the trail from Info to ALL around Emerald today and it is SNOWING!!! He’ll be doing it again before the Yoho Challenge on Saturday.”

Canmore Nordic Centre Event Advisory:

2020 Alberta Winter Games will be taking place at the CNCPP this upcoming weekend, February 14 – 19. Official training will start on Friday and the Cross Country and Biathlon races will take place Saturday – Monday. Recreation ski trails (Banff, Meadowview, Bow etc.) will remain OPEN to the public. Please expect all CNCPP facilities to be busy due to the Family Day weekend. (Reminder: Monday Feb 17 Junior & Children’s day passes 50% off!) 

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