Feb 4, 2020

Thanks to Shulamit for the photo. She also remarked…

“I thought I’d forward this photo from yesterday at West Bragg Creek.  I took this photo just as the sky was clearing and thought that it looked like a big reptile in the ski – we can call it Skiosaurus maybe?”

Firm and Fast on the Kananaskis Village trails

The final descent to Ribbon Creek on Terrace trail

I had an enjoyable ski on yesterday’s tracksetting on the Kananaskis Village trails today. The underlaying layer of ice has made for very fast tracks. 


Tracks were shallow in a few places on Lower Kovach where there were heavy tree canopies. I bypassed the Lookout today, instead taking Aspen which was in nice shape. Upper Kovach was in excellent condition. 

The most fun was the final downhill on Terrace to the Ribbon Creek parking lot, which is where I started. This is a fun downhill which twists and turns all the way for 900 metres. One of my favourites when conditions are good. 

Upper Kovach

The air temperature was -4 in mid-afternoon but the wind made it feel colder. The snow was -6. I used VR40(-4/-12) and it worked well. 

I also checked out Evan-Thomas and Wedge and I totally agree with Barry G’s assessment on his trip report. These trails would be enjoyable for anyone who likes going at breakneck speed.

Terrace with a skating lane

The tracks are glazed and the corduroy is hard. More snow is needed, and fortunately there is some in the forecast. Small amounts, but anything would help. Luckily there are no big hills because they would be dangerous in these conditions. If you use waxable skis, the wax will pick up tree debris but it will wear off quickly!

The parking lots weren’t as hazardous as I expected. The weekend rain left a layer of ice, but there’s enough hard-packed snow over top to make it less treacherous to walk in your ski boots. 

The Ribbon Creek snow cat and team will be grooming at the Canadian Birkie from Feb 5-9. Grooming on the Ribbon trails will recommence Feb 10.

Wednesday at noon is the deadline for registering for the Birkie.

Stolen Gear

M Brown submitted this… “Stolen xc gear. Our vehicle was broken into last weekend (Feb2) in Edmonton. Much to our amazement they took 2pr skis, poles and a duffle bag of mens gear. Specifically Fischer Rcs skis 190cm, Ski trab team comp skis (205), lazl dragonfly poles , old one way poles and, in the duffle bag, a pair of mens Alpina r combi boots (silver). If anyone happens upon a hell-of-a-deal on any of these items please let me know. Many thanks,

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  1. Hope they don’t eat skiers….could be bad for business.

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