West Bragg Creek. Photo by Groomer Jeff

West Bragg Creek, Saturday 8 a.m: “It’s Snowing and grooming is in progress. Beautiful!  Note there will be a ski race on West Crystal and part of Sundog from 9 till noon this morning.”

The West Bragg Creek weather station indicates a temperature of -7°C at the trailhead. You can see the trailhead on the webcam.

I woke up to 2-3 cm of new, powdery snow in Calgary. 

In PLPP, Whiskey Jack, Upper Pocaterra, Packers, and Wheeler were trackset last night. Expect some new snow on top of the grooming. The PLPP Live Grooming Report mentions around 4 cm of new snow overnight. There’s a small amount of snow in the forecast for today as well. 

The temperature at the PLPP maintenance compound is -7°C so the new snow should be the non-stick, powdery variety. 

It’s unusual to see Wheeler on the Saturday morning grooming but it’s because the snowcat groomed the loops around the Elkwood campground for the Ski for Light event this morning. It made sense to continue down Wheeler to Boulton Creek.

The Banff trail report indicates that Castle Lookout to Baker Creek was trackset yesterday. Castle Junction to Castle Lookout was also trackset except for the part that’s closed due to construction. 

Canmore Nordic Centre Saturday report: “We were able to get a track set on Bow, Meadowview, Grey Wolf, Cold Shoulder and Wooded bliss this morning. Alongside Banff Trail, Banff Loop, Lynx, Olympic. A track will be set on Banff past the meadow tonight as well as other natural trails in need of a refresh.”


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  1. What at great photo! Looks like a nice night to be out. Lucky groomer! (He’s probably also a boomer).

  2. What’s the roads like out to Bragg from Calgary?

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