Weather and trail conditions

Feb 1, 2020

We’ve enjoyed a terrific ski season, but going through an entire winter without one of these rain – wind – ice events would be an unrealistic expectation. Now, let’s hope there’s enough new snow in the days to come to repair the damage.

West Bragg Creek

Feb 1 Live Grooming Report: “Overnight rains have created treacherous conditions this morning. Skiing is not advised. Snow is expected later today and overnight and updates will follow.”

Ribbon Creek/Kananaskis Village

Feb 1 Live Grooming Report: “All trails should be considered un-groomed and are currently not safe for skiing. 16 hours of steady rain coupled with very warm temperatures makes grooming impossible. Crews will be out once the rain stops and temperatures dip below zero.”

Canmore Nordic Centre

Trip report from Carol: “Went for a skate ski today at CNC. The tracks were fast and super fun, and quite firm, but it rained lightly the whole time. Not too cold  – around plus 2. We were soaking wet when done, and were happy to change to dry clothes. It was pouring rain when we left around 1:15. I hope they get some snow if the temperature drops – otherwise, it will be nasty icy!”


Feb 1 Live Grooming Report: “Rain and some freezing rain moved in throughout PLPP before dark on Friday, saturating the snow at all elevations; no grooming was done on Friday night due to the adverse weather conditions. At 2AM, steady rain was falling in the north end of the Park, and mixed precipitation (with rain dominating the mixture) was falling in the south end (and presumably at higher elevations). The warm temperatures, and high winds, have dropped many new “snow bombs” on the trails, as well as littering some areas with needles and other tree debris. There is a likelihood of more fallen trees on the trails as well.”

Lake Louise

Update from the Heritage Guides: “With the current forecast we are expecting all the trails to again be in poor condition by morning, Sunday the weather looks to improve and we hope to start grooming during the following days. The lake has had so much new mass applied (and rain this morning!) that a significant amount of water has pooled on top of the ice and in some places it is over calf deep. This is going to take days to freeze, and maybe longer, it is NOT an indication of ice thickness (the ice is about 55cm thick) but it will take some time to heal before we can recommend any form of recreation on it. Stay clear of the lake and any and ALL avalanche terrain.”

Check the Groomer’s Reports for more details from the Heritage Guides. 

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