2019-2020 the best ever

West Bragg Creek Jan 2, 2020. Photo by Steve Riggs

I am confident in saying it was the best ski season in the 12 years that I’ve been doing this blog. Even with the sudden ending. I thought it was fitting to highlight this post with a photo from West Bragg Creek, where conditions were excellent for most of the winter. 

Castle Lookout to Baker Creek. Jan 11, 2020. Photo by Chuck

Two years ago(2017-2018), we had an excellent winter but I think 2019-2020 tops them all. 

We had early snow, and very little bad weather such as rain, excessive wind, or extended cold periods. I don’t recall any “defensive” skiing, luge tracks, or snow fleas. Probably the biggest inconvenience was occasional tree debris. In December, the ice storm brought down a lot of trees, but the trail crews were quick to clean it up. 

Bill Milne. Dec 24, 2019

Worst to first

Conditions one year ago, 2018-2019, were pretty sketchy and I considered it to be one of the poorer seasons. Things turned around this year, however, and I recorded more “Best Days” in my log book as a percentage of trips than ever before. A “Best Day” is when I consider conditions to be perfect. 

We’ve lost two or three weeks of skiing due to the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the world. I truly hope all my readers are safe and taking precautions. 

The photos below are the third set I’ve posted from this remarkable winter. If you missed the first set of photos which I posted a few days ago: The Year of Winter Wonderland

…and the second set: People and Animals Along the Ski Trail


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  1. As one of the groomers out in WBC I would like to thank all you skiers,snowshoers, fatbikers and snow sport affectionados for your support and enthusiasm. Without all your smiles, waves, hugs (pre covid) and occasional cookies we wouldn’t be able to do this. It’s pleasure to groom those trails and see all the use we got and all the fun we can bring. It was our best year ever and it shows what we can do. Hopefully we can continue to groom the trails and bring enjoyment to thousands of snow folk.
    I am away at work and I missed the end of the season but I’ll be back next year to do it all again!!
    Groomer Bill

  2. Thanks for increadible dedication to this great website/blog of yours, Bob. Have a nice summer, and stay safe and healthy.

  3. Thanks for the site Bob it’s much appreciated in the community. What a great season, looking forward to some biking now we can’t ski. Nice shots Steve!

  4. Yes, despite the early closing, it was one of the best. Certainly at WBC, which we skied so often that we rarely went anywhere else to xc ski. Piper the retriever would agree!
    With all the great skiing close to home- we didn’t do as much local backcountry either- I’m missing those longer alpine and glacier tours that usually get done in March and April. We were lucky though, to get in two weeks of amazing skiing at the Campbell Icefield Chalet, NW of Golden B.C. Our usual mid-February trip, with a group of friends (which included several other SkiHere! reporters), had an unbeatable combination of skiing and weather:

  5. Pity we can’t take advantage of this late season snowfall today.

  6. Ellen and Alpine Jimmy

    Thank you Bob for all you do and add to our lives.

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