People and animals along the ski trails

Moraine Lake road by Chuck. Nov 20, 2019.

Remember when social distancing wasn’t a thing? This set of photos from the past ski season brings back memories of happier times when we didn’t have to fear getting close to others.

Moose in PLPP by Ian and Darlene. Mar 25, 2020

Ian and Darlene posted some remarkable photos yesterday on their trip report from PLPPP and two of them have made the cut to be included in this set of pictures from the winter of 2019-2020. 

Courtney with her dog Pippa, and dad, on Mountain road at West Bragg Creek. Feb 24, 2020

The photo at the top is interesting in many ways, not only because it shows people gathered in a large group at the end of Moraine Lake road. The snow conditions were so amazing close to Calgary in the early season that I never even skied to the end of Moraine Lake road once this winter. I usually make half-a-dozen trips to Lake Louise in November to enjoy the early snow. This year we were making the short trip to West Bragg Creek. 

One of the benefits of West Bragg Creek, besides the short drive, are all the families and dogs which I get to see. The photo of little Courtney being pulled along the trail by her dog Pippa, along with a smiling dad, brings a smile to my face whenever I look at it. 

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