The final grooming was wonderful

Wedge Connector

We took advantage of yesterday’s tracksetting on Wedge and Evan Thomas and had a great day of skiing. You may have read on the Ribbon Creek trail report that grooming has finished for the season on the Kananaskis Village, Ribbon Creek, Bill Milne, Wedge, Skogan Pass trails. 

Christine on Wedge Connector

Back on Dec 27, I took a beginner skier, Ricky, for his first ever ski trip. He got hooked and skied a number of times this winter. We went back(in separate vehicles) to Wedge pond today along with Christine and enjoyed a beautiful day of skiing on cold snow and excellent tracks. 

The end of the Wedge Connector at Evan-Thomas creek

The wind was howling and snow was drifting along highway #40 all the way to the Wedge pond trailhead. Wedge and Evan-Thomas are well protected for the most part by heavy forest, so the wind was not a problem. The trees also help protect the snow from the sun, although that’s becoming an issue with the sun so high in the sky now. 

The temperature at 1 pm was +1°C with four well-spaced vehicles in the parking lot. I waxed with VR50(0/-4) and had good grip. The tracks were fast but not icy. 

I’ll be overcome with sadness if these trails aren’t groomed next winter. 


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  1. Sigh- was at PLPP yesterday. It was beautiful and we saw only 6 other people the entire time. This keeps me sane, it’s perfectly safe when used responsibly. Any chance you can suggest any xc trails that might still be accessible without prov. park road access? Here’s hoping.

  2. I too will be very sad if these trails are not groomed next winter.

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