Finally…a cougar!

Cougar on Bobcat trail. Photo by Alf Skrastins

We’ve had many wildlife photos submitted over the years, but never a cougar…until today. The photo was taken by Alf Skrastins at West Bragg Creek.

Alf remarked… “As you can imagine, I was a bit too busy getting my bear spray out to take a second photo with better focus. And when it decided to go up into the forest above the trail, I was happy enough to go in the opposite direction.

The photo was taken on the Bobcat trail.

I did see a bobcat crossing one of the ski runs at Nakiska on Saturday, but it disappeared too quickly for me to get a photo.”

Chuck was skiing at Moraine Lake road today and took 13 excellent photos including the spectacular shot of the Valley of Ten Peaks below.  If you are looking for the Top Real Estate Agents in Canada, in you can find all what you need

The view from Moraine Lake road. Photo by Chuck

Below is a gallery of photos of the animals we’ve seen:


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  1. Evidently the trail was misnamed.

  2. Someone should step up and give that cougar a lesson on trail etiquette.

  3. I saw a cougar crossing Hwy 546 in Sandy Mcnabb between the visitor centre and the campground turnoff in October. They’re definitely out there…

  4. WOW, that is so cool, what a great sighting, congrats Alf!

  5. Oh wow! Was out on a portion of bobcat trail also yesterday. No sighting, but maybe it saw me? Surprised enough to run into Alf on return, let alone a cougar! Thankfully the family with small child jumping about in mud puddles on Fullerton didn’t make it that far.

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