Kicking Horse trail in Yoho

Kicking Horse trail in Yoho. Photo by Chip

Chip sent the above photo of the Kicking Horse trail to go along with his Trip Report. We also have a report from Kristina who said “the skiing beyond Natural Bridge down the Kicking Horse logging road was a dream.”

Kicking Horse trail crosses the Otterhead river at 6.5K

Like a lot of other trails, Kicking Horse starts out with a big hill. Unlike most trails, however, the hill is down, not up.

The trail is double trackset for the initial 1.8K. It then narrows to single track. Thereafter, the elevation gain and loss is negligible. There is a picnic table and viewpoint at 3.8K.

The tracksetting goes for about 6.8K. The Tally-Ho trail from Field Visitor Centre to the Natural Bridge has also been trackset and is about 3K one-way. There is a parking lot at the Natural Bridge. 

Bow River Loop (file photo)

The Bow River Loop and the Campground Loop in Lake Louise were trackset today. Both trails are dog-friendly and have beautiful views on a clear day. 

More tips for new skiers

On Normand’s suggestion, Ive added another tab to the Resources menu “What’s in your pack.” It’s a blog post which I wrote a few years ago about my encounter with a skier who was developing blisters and needed some tape. There are many comments with suggestions on what you should carry in your backpack.  

While you’re at it, check the other tabs under the Resources menu. 

It’s Dec 1 tomorrow which means “So long, Back Door.” It was great while it lasted. 

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