PLPP grooming report

PLPP = Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

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The following report was sent to me by Tracksetter James on Sat Nov 21 at at 2:11 a.m….

“Boulton Creek / Fox Creek / Moraine trails were snowmobile packed only. Packers was snowmobile roller-packed. Tyrwhitt was heavily bladed and then 1-pass groomed and should be quite skiable. Pocaterra trail from packers to Tyrwhitt junction was groomed & trackset. Whiskey Jack was groomed and trackset with the cat. Some thin spots and rocks under the surface to watch for. The big south facing hill has some rough spots to be careful of. Light snow began falling after midnight with no noticeable accumulation by 2am.”

In addition to Elk Pass and Upper Lake parking lots, you can access groomed trails from Boulton Creek and Boulton Bridge. This should help spread out the parking in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park somewhat. 

Snowmobile packing leaves a rough surface with the imprint of the snowmobile’s track and ski runners. 

Back Door parking is very limited. If you park on the road, chances are you’ll get a ticket. 

Skier-tracked snow on Pocaterra trail at the hut.

Pocaterra from the hut to Packers has lots of skier-tracked snow but has not been groomed. 

Other trails in PLPP which have been trackset include Elk Pass, Blueberry Hill, Hydroline, and Patterson. 

Pocaterra Hut is open. 

Kananaskis Village

Update Nov 21: Tracksetter Jeff says the conditions are worse than marginal “Maybe 10cm of new over ice or rocks.”

Kananaskis Outfitters posted this on Facebook: “First grooming of this season’s ski trails at the Village. It’s still early season so there are no tracks and some twigs/grass poking through but the staff report is it’s pretty good.”

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