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Yoho Valley Road

Nov 18: Tonight’s update will include details on Yoho Valley Road, Moraine Lake road and Tramline. Most of what I’m writing will be obsolete by tomorrow morning because of the 10 cm of snow which is expected by noon tomorrow(Thursday). 

Slick tracks made for fast downhills on Yoho Valley road

As Canmore Chris mentioned, it rained in Yoho yesterday. Along with warm temperatures today, the snow was very wet.

Wax would have ben useless so I used my Fischer twin skins and they worked flawlessy. 

Moraine Lake road

The tracksetting was still in good shape and it was fairly pleasant skiing as long as you were on level ground or going uphill. The downhills were scary fast and snowplowing wasn’t possible because of the crusty, wet, heavy snow.

As Kicking Horse Ski Club mentioned, they are waiting for more snow and cooler weather to trackset YVR again. Should be very soon if the weather forecast is correct. 

The snow in Lake Louise was in much better condition. When I skied in mid-afternoon I was able to use VR45(-2/-8) for grip. The temperature was zero. 

Beautiful new tracksetting on Tramline

The skating lane on Moraine Lake road was groomed and new tracksetting occurred on the inbound track. 

Tramline was trackset in its entirety for the first time this season and is in great shape except for the hikers who postholed from the bottom to the top. Thankfully they stayed out of the tracks. 

Hikers post-holed the snow on Tramline

Tramline is 4.8K in distance with a very gentle grade. The section from the lake parking lot to Moraine Lake road is 1.6K and is known as Upper Tramline. This is the trail you are supposed to use to access Moraine Lake road. There were ten vehicles parked on the shoulder of Lake Louise Drive from skiers who were skiing MLR. 

Mt Shark is packed

The trail report for Mt Shark indicates the Mt Shark trails have been roller packed, and we also have confirmation of this from M.A.D…. “The trail from Mt. Shark to Watridge Lake, along with other Shark Trails, have been roller packed. Thin but good base.”


More good news from Alberta Parks. The Peter Lougheed Discovery Centre is due to open for the season on November 28th.

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