Poor conditions at West Bragg Creek

 It’s raining with strong winds at 8 am in Calgary. 

The mountains have received some snow, but unfortunately not in West Bragg Creek.

Equestrian damage at WBC. Photo by Boomer Groomer

Jan 13 at 7am: West Bragg Creek update from Boomer  Groomer…

“Heavy chinook winds will have left debris and possibly trees down on the trails system. Conditions will be variable and skiers can expect glazed tracks, ice/crusty snow, and natural hazards. Caution is advised. Snow would be welcome at this point!”

Equestrian damage at WBC. Photo by Boomer Groomer

Update 8:10 am: “Two days ago it was heaps of equestrian damage on all the ski trails. This morning it just started to rain. Skiing is not recommended at WBC.

Also, a trip report from RichieRich…

“WBC late afternoon skate outing report:

It’s gonna be ice ice BB!!

Equestrian damage at WBC. Photo by Boomer Groomer

Had a good skate there from 330-5’ish today.  They did an amazing job refurbishing and tracks look great but two days near 10C have them heavily glazed as was the grooming for skate when we finished it was sure crusty and getting slick and fast.  Not good for beginners right now.    Spiked tires needed for FB I’m sure. 

Just under 13km. SUPER windy and gusty and so even on flats going into that wind was tough.  However the tailwind back on Mountain was pretty awesome.  Will see evidence of the wind by way of more debris.  They might get snow tomorrow… hopefully not rain.  Will need a major refurbishment IMO before it’ll be worth going again (or just above zero to soften things).”

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park trail report

Jan 13 at 6am: With temperatures hovering around 0°C and snow continuing to fall, 10cm of fresh snow was measured on the ground at Pocaterra hut. Expect all ski-trails in Peter Lougheed park to be covered in at least 10cm new snow with greater depths at higher elevations.

Confederation golf course

Coverage remains good on the trails thanks to the hours of snow farming by volunteers! There are a few spots where grass is coming through but it easily avoided. Snow is highly variable with the warm weather and how exposed the trail is to the sun. Expect hard icy conditions in the morning and evening and softer mid day. We do less grooming during the warm conditions as it accelerate melting during warm weather. Ski with care.

Overnight Snowfall 

PLPP Pocaterra hut: 10 cm and snowing

Mt Shark: At 5:30am this morning with temperatures hovering around -1c and snow continuing to fall,  there was approximately 8cm of fresh snow on the ground.

Nakiska 4 cm

Lake Louise 11 cm

Norquay 10 cm

Golden, BC: 8 a.m. we had 14cm of snow overnight, currently raining and windy 


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  1. It is more than frustrating. It is dangerous. On December 30, I was going downhill on Trappers heading to Sundog and the tip of my ski got caught on a “pothole” like the one on the first picture. I hit the ground so hard, I developed a hematoma on my right lower leg (not just a bruise). Still swollen and sore.

  2. Philippe in Calgary

    It is an unwelcome surprise to see the potholes and deposits left by horse riders on the set tracks at West Bragg. In my innocence I thought that the horse crowd was somehow more aware and considerate of other users than the usual targets of XC skiers’ frustration, rutting bikers and trampling hikers. I will never look at a horse train at WBC the same way again. Most disappointing.

    • That being said, it takes a bold cowpoke to negotiate the parking lot at WBC on any given weekend these days with an F350 and a 20ft horse trailer!

      • aqua toque LMAO you hit that one outta the park , i would pay to see one of my heavy hitting xc skiing brethren even get on a horse let a lone ride the beast on a snow covered trail

    • Not really fair to indict all equestrians because of one inconsiderate jerk. Equestrians I’ve encountered have always been courteous.

      • Since Dec. 1, 2020 there have been at least 7 documented Trail Damage reports related to equestrian visits that have resulted in a total of 26 hrs of remediation on ski trails alone. Ask me how i know. I can assure you it is not one individual.
        Nor is it just equestrians. All trails can sustain damage from all sorts of users in all sorts of circumstances. The issue is having the courtesy to try and avoid negatively impacting the enjoyment of other users. This season has seen an unprecedented number of all types of users that ignore posted signage and etiquette. That includes skiers, snowshoers, hikers, equestrians, dog owners etc.

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