Covid-compliant selfies on the Bill Milne trail

I’m standing six feet behind Barb for this selfie

Conditions on the Bill Milne trail weren’t quite as good as on the village trails, but it was still enjoyable. 

Janice and Charlie Perry on Bill Milne trail

Now that I’m on the farewell tour, when I met Barb and her friendly dog Jamie on the trail, she wanted to take a selfie with me. I had to stand six feet behind her in order to comply with the pandemic rules. 

Running into renowned poet Janice Perry, who is always way ahead of husband Charlie, was another highlight of my day on the trail.

Bill Milne trail

Earlier this season I had encountered Janice and Charlie a couple times, but one of us was always zooming downhill and going too fast to stop and talk. Between Ribbon Creek and the golf course, 3.9K, there is only one hill on the Bill Milne trail and that’s exactly where we met. Luckily, it’s just a small hill so I stopped at the top and waited. 

Bill Milne trail

The wind of the past two days has taken a small toll on the trail. There are a few snow drifts where the tracks are filled in and there is some unusual tree debris for about a 100-metre stretch. It’s not the usual pine needles but instead it consists of small twigs from the stand of dead trees along the trail. 

Thank you, Bill Milne

I skied between the golf course and Kovach Pond parking lot which means I had to ski on the ice-flow detour trail for 1K. The reroute is skiable but it’s not pretty on the stretch which parallels the highway due to all the crud from the snowplows. 

If you’re approaching the ice-flow bypass from the south, the trail starts out in the trees and there is a marginal spot with very thin snow. I didn’t realize it in time, but there is a bypass for the bypass which has plenty of snow. 

The tracks were fast but I don’t know if my wax was working because I double-poled the entire time. Okay, I already said there is one small hill and my VR45(-2/-8) gave me a bit of grip. That hill can’t be any longer than about 40 metres with an elevation gain of five metres. 

With up to 5 cm in the forecast, tonight’s snowfall should cover most of the debris. 

My favourite line from one of Janice’s poems:

Need to write a letter to the government to lobby
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  1. Your “farewell tour” — it’s still hard to imagine. The Empire without the Emperor front and centre. Glad to see you’re out there meeting lots of friends and fans. I’ve barely gotten out in the last two or three years, but doing a little better this year, so hoping to meet you. Having been a follower since the earliest days of SkiHere, I’m definitely going to miss your blog. But cant thank you enough for how much you’ve done for xc skiers and xc skiing.

    I’ll be able to tell people I met the Emperor when he had no clothes! Long ago and not far away … in the showers after the Lake Louise to Banff loppet 🙂

    Very best wishes, Bob. Thank you! See you out there.

  2. My biggest disappointment about not having a real Lake Louise Banff Loppet is not getting to cheer on Janice (and everybody else) at the Baker Creek crossing. Next year I will be there with my shovel.

    • Thanks for your cheering and shovelling Rose , It is always so nice to see you and get a boost of encouragement. You are an amazing volunteer in so many different areas.

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