Excellent conditions at Kananaskis Village

Christine and Doug on Aspen

After climbing the Bill Milne trail from Ribbon Creek, I walked about 300 metres through the village over to Terrace trail and headed south. Terrace, Kovach, Aspen, Lower Kovach and the best conditions ever on Terrace north to the Ribbon Creek parking lot. 

Heading south from the village on Terrace

I wasn’t coming down the S-turns but they looked to be in great shape for those who were descending. I generally go up to the Kovach Lookout and skip Aspen, but today I skipped the Lookout.

The temperature was -5 when I started out around 11:30 a.m, and -1 when I finished. I drove over to Evan-Thomas where the parking lot wasn’t plowed and did the Evan-Thomas, Wedge Connector, and Bill Milne loop. Everything was beautiful. 

Tracksetting today

The Ribbon Creek tracksetting crew has been working tonight. I see Coal Mine, among others, was trackset in its entirety. 

Mt Shark: Watridge Lake road to the lake, Blue Loop, Helipad and segments of both the Red/Black-5km loop & Red/Purple 5km loop also done. If there’s a second shift, I expect the remainder of the trails will be trackset. 

Lake Louise: The Pipestone trails, Fairview, Lake surface, Bow River Loop, Campground, and Townsite. 

Cascade Valley and Upper Bankhead.

Sandy McNabb: According to the trip report from Rich V,  “Sandy McNabb was groomed today. Long Prairie Loop is fair but the dogs, hikers, and horses are already chewing up the thin snow on the west side of the loop. The south side trails were very good and the place to be. Smooth corduroy mostly skier track set made for enjoyable skiing.”

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