East Elk Pass to West Elk Pass Video

Traversing East Elk Pass to West Elk Pass. Video by Cheeky



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  1. One thing for sure, Bob really knows how to grab a frame. That top vista really jumps out in the video.

    Well done to all involved.

  2. Trick is to stay scared enough so your always sqeezing out those rabbit pellets and making a Hansel and Gretel trail back to the car.

    I’m tickled it was a front page item! We had intended to just document the hilltop navigation for our own reference, but were surprised the handheld footage was stable enough to watch. Turns out there’s much better stabilization in an entry level phone (iThingSE2 in this case) than a decade old mirror-stabilized outdoorsy camera.

    Uncle Ave’s recent advisment rings true for nordic skiers too: You’ll want to feed your skis a little corn this time of year (just a little), else they’ll haunt your dreams.

    Here’s the oo-la-la high-def version:
    (500MB 1080p60)

  3. Absolutely awesome video! Exceptional views up there.

    • Probably my favourite day of skiing this season. 3 passes, all the best meadows in the area and stunning views over elk lakes valley. Highly recommended. Not for everyone of course, lots of trail breaking potentially, some bush whacking and navigational challenges, including staying out of avalanche terrain on descent to west elk pass.

  4. Herbert Kruschke

    Stupid company laptop won’t let me open the video…
    Your “avatar” (photo beside your name) is fantastic, that’s what’s fantastic! Look at the teeth on that kitty!
    I plan on doing the SkierBob classic loop Sunday, in homage to his dedication over the years. I wonder how Fox Creek and Moraine are going to be by then. Only one way to find out!
    With kind regards,

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